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Do you love science fiction? Have you thought about trying your hand at writing a science fiction short story or novel, but could use some assistance with getting started — or finishing a story you’ve already started — or improving your plots,  characterization and dialogue — or to take your writing to the next level?

In this Seattle writing class, we’ll play with a range of different science fiction themes, including time travel, alien invasions, robots, space travel, artificial intelligence, and more. Plus, information about copyrighting your stories and getting published.

  • You’ll have a choice of prompts to choose from, for both in-class and outside-of-class assignments each week.
  • You’ll have opportunities to share and get feedback on your writings from the instructor and others during the class.
  • You can either write different short stories each week, or keep working on and improving the same one. Or if you’re working on a novel or novella, you can bring in and workshop chapters or sections from it, as the class moves along.
  • Whether you’ve written science fiction before, or are interested in it as a genre but unsure of how to move your writing in an SF direction, this class will help.
  • Writing science fiction and fantasy gives us an opportunities to explore worlds of emotion and imagination, and to speculate on everything from how current social trends may develop in the future, to what life may be like on other worlds or times, to what it means to be human. 
  • Instructor: Nils Osmar. Nils is the author of THE HUNGRY TIME: EIGHT SCIENCE FICTION FABLES.
  • Note: this class alternates every two months with our introductory writing class, Writing Fiction and Short Stories