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Class #27725

Tuition: $125 + $10 reg. fee
Mondays 6pm-8pm
5/7-5/28 (four meetings)
Seattle: University of Washington
Max. enrollment: 12. Spaces left: 10

In this class, we’ll focus on writing (short) science fiction and fantasy, paying special attention to what makes stories seem real and believable even when the characters and locale are exotic or unreal. Topics for the writing prompts will include time travel, alien invasions, robots, wizards and warriors, space travel, and other SF and fantasy themes. Students have opportunities to share their writings and get feedback from others in the class.  Whether you’re an established SF writer or a novice, come join us and have fun writing.

Writing science fiction and fantasy gives us an opportunities to explore worlds of emotion and imagination, and to speculate on everything from how current social trends may develop in the future, to what life may be like on other worlds or times, to what it means to be human. Science fiction can have a logical and scientific foundation, or one that’s intensely personal. Instructor: Nils Osmar

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