by Nils Osmar – © 2019

Can taking DHEA, Metformin and HGH really trim some years off of your life? Or add a couple of years onto the end?

I was just re-watching the recent Joe Rogan interview with David Sinclair. The interview meanders a bit, but is worth watching more than once.

One thing that’s new in it, is the information that Sinclair is no longer taking metformin every day. He does still take NMN and resveratrol every morning, but skips metformin some days.

His reasoning is that metformin interferes with the benefits of exercise. So he take it on the days when he plans to be sedentary. (He also, like many authorities, recommends not exercising vigorously every day, but doing it every couple of days to give the body time to recover.)

Sinclair also talks about the recent study in which volunteers were given a combination of DHEA, metformin and HGH and were (according to the epigenetic clock) de-aged two years. (They took the meds for one year. At the end of that year they were TWO YEARS younger.

You read that right. They were two years YOUNGER after the study, than before it, according to HORVATH’S CLOCK.

It’s an interesting study because (1) an easy and natural way to raise HGH is to do fasting, and (2) we can’t buy metformin over the counter in the U.S., but we can buy berberine, which does many of the same things in the human body and (3) DHEA is also easy to find.

Does this mean we should all be taking HGH, metformin and DHEA? Maybe so. But there can be problems with all three medications; each of them has some benefits and some drawbacks. I’m cautious myself about taking metformin, but I am taking berberine, and recently added some Emerita DHEA cream. (Like Sinclair, I’ll be taking it on days when I don’t exercise… and when I’ve been fasting for a while, so my HGH will be high.) (This may motivate me to go back to “real” alternate day fasting… eating whatever I want one day, eating nothing the next… an easy way to get our HGH levels high.)

Read an article about the study HERE.

The video below is NOT the full interview. It’s a clip from it that covers the basics I’ll be discussing here: