Voiceover 103:  This special new class is for students who have successfully completed Voiceover 101 and 102, who wish to continue advanced voice work study.  The class will encompass detailed and extensive exercises in monologues and scene work, and will use texts from movie scripts, TV shows and radio productions. 

In addition to reviewing all the aspects of voice work, the class will also be ideal for those who took Accents and Dialects who want to continue to sharpen their dialect skills.  There will also be additional input on establishing professional careers.

Sign up now using the link below. NOTE: Students who take Voiceover 101, Voiceover 102, Voiceover 103, Accents and Dialects for Actors, and Accents 102, will receive a Certificate in Voiceover Fundamentals.

This class has six hours of class time, focused over two intensive three hour meetings. It’s the last class needed to complete the Voiceover Certificate.

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Class 161676-3-9: Voiceover 103 -
Dates/times TBA (a new section will be scheduled soon)
Tuition: $150 + $10 registration fee
Location: UW campus - Seattle
Maximum: 12. Enrolled so far:

"For students who have completed V101 and V102. Detailed exercises in monologues and scene work..."

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