• Are you a storyteller?
  • Do you enjoy the power and beauty of the spoken word?
  • Do you like entertaining your friends with jokes, voices, or accents?
  • Then perhaps voice acting and voiceover is right for you!

In this info-packed industry overview, you’ll learn:

  • What is voice over?
  • The difference between voice over, voice actors, and voiceover artists
  • The many genres and subgenres of the voiceover industry
  • The skills and features of a successful voice talent
  • The training, equipment, and marketing materials expected of a professional voice talent
  • An interactive Q&A to answer YOUR VO Industry questions!
  • This class is a perfect adjunct to our online voiceover classes. You can take it alone or with our other webinars. Learn more



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Class 216145: WEBINAR 1:
Sunday November 8, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can save some cash by signing up for all three webinars at the same time. See link elsewhere on this page.

Your instructor will send you a link to join the webinar before the class date. The hour long webinar will be followed by a 30 minute online Q&A session with your instructor. You'll be given a link after the webinar to download it and keep it for your own personal use.


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216149: SIGN UP FOR ALL THREE WEBINARS and save some cash! The usual cost is $39/seminar x 3=$117. Your cost if you sign up for all three is only $105.00. Plus, our webinars have no registration fees, an additional savings.

What’s Different About Our Webinars?


  • IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our VOICE OVER WEBINARS are not the same as our ONLINE VOICEOVER CLASSES. They are additional (short) classes and cover material not covered in depth in the classes.
  • Our ONLINE VOICE OVER CLASSES (which are four weeks long) are “real-time” meetings with an instructor. They’re interactive, very similar to meeting in a classroom environment. Our VOICE OVER WEBINARS (which ae one-shots) also have an interactive element. But instead of a class, you’ll start off by watching a video which covers all of the essential information for each topic.
  • Then right after the video, you’ll be invited to participate in a live question-answer-consultation session with the instructor.
  • The videos are an hour long ––– the Q and A session is a 30 minute “real time” online meeting with your teacher and the other students, right after the video ends ––- a place to get your questions answered and clarify how the information in the videos applies to you.
  • Like our online classes, the webinars are taught by Sean Daeley, a voice over performer with years of experience.

Can we keep the videos?

  • Yes. After each video premieres, you’ll be able to download it and keep a copy for your own use to watch again whenever you like. (The copies are for your own personal use; in downloading them you’re agreeing not to share them with others.)

Are the webinars a substitute for the online classes?

  • No, think of them as an adjunct to take your voice over training to the next level.
  • The webinars will focus on the business side of voice acting instead of the performance aspects. 
  • They’re designed to be the perfect complement to our online classes,  for anyone interested in pursuing voiceover professionally.
  • You can take them alone, but to get the full benefit they are designed to be taken along with our online classes. They supplement the information in the online classes and cover some purely informational topics in more depth.

What do they cost?

    • The cost is $39 for each webinar, or you can sign up for all three for $105 –– a savings of $16.00. Plus our webinars have no registration fees, an additional savings of $30.00