People often ask us about the connection between our program (REKINDLE SCHOOL) and another long-established school, the Seattle EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE.

The Seattle EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE is an independent educational program offering classes and workshops in dozens of subject areas.

REKINDLE SCHOOL handles all of the registrations for the EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE, because both schools are part of the same “business umbrella.” 

So you can either find the classes on our website, or on the EC’s. Either way, you’ll be directed back to our website to sign up,

NOTE: Most Experimental College classes meet on the University of Washington campus. However, the Experimental College is a separate program, not a part of the U.W.  The EC’s classes are for fun and personal enrichment, not for academic credit. 

The Experimental College Movement

The Experimental College movement began decades ago. Some attribute its origins to Alexander Meiklejohn, who set up an Experimental College of sorts at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, way back in the 1930s and wrote a book popularizing the term. 

But the idea really caught on a few decades later, in the 1960s, in California, Washington, and several other locations around the United States.

Since then, Experimental Colleges have come and gone. There have been several Experimental College around the country, in Seattle and other cities.

Some of them were affiliated with universities, including San Francisco State College (which later became San Francisco State University), Tufts University. Others, like the Seattle Experimental College, were and are completely independent.

What the various E.C. programs have in common is that most are collections of classes taught by working professionals or others who have come to have deep knowledge of a subject, who are using the school as a venue for sharing information with others. Both the current  Seattle Experimental College and Rekindle School are working to carry on this tradition.


“Wasn’t there another Experimental College in Seattle, years ago?”

  • There have been several EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGES around the United States, and two in Seattle.
  • Seattle’s first Experimental College was established in 1968.  When it closed down, the current EXPERIMENTAL COLLEGE was established to carry on the tradition of offering affordable classes for the general community. 

“Is the new EC affiliated with the University of Washington?”

We do hold some classes on the U.W. campus (Seattle branch).  But we are not a part of the U.W. or affiliated with them. 



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