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This special type of magnesium (MAGNESIUM THREONATE) is not available from food.  It’s only available as a supplement.

  • It was created by researchers at M.I.T. to bypass the blood-brain barrier, in order to get more magnesium into the brain.
  • There is evidence that taking this specific form of magnesium may improve mental functioning and reverse neurodegeneration. 
  • One study showed that people whose minds were slowing with age actually began functioning on the level of people nine years younger, after several weeks of supplementing with magnesium threonate.
  • Most studies were done with a dose of 1,800 mg/day. (Two 600 mg caps during the day, and one at night.) 
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  • I take Magnesium Threonate as a supplement (two 500 mg. capsules in the morning, one at night)
  • I’ve found, oddly, that if I take more than 500 mg at night, it can keep me awake.