6/27 NEWS: Most of our IN-PERSON classes meet on the University of Washington campus. The campus has been closed due to Covid-19, but will be re-opening this fall. We hope to bring back some in-person classes at that time.

Plus, we’ll be continuing to offer ONLINE CLASSES. Check out our upcoming classes here!



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Updated Thursday 6/4:

Our IN-PERSON CLASSES in Seattle have been postponed due to coronavirus. We’re hoping to bring them back in August. But it will depend on health authorities’ recommendations. (Note: you can still sign up for some of our in-person classes to hold your place, then take them when they resume.)

  • In the meantime, we’ve set up over a dozen new ONLINE CLASSES. Check ’em out below!

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We’ve had many requests from students asking if they can sign up now to hold their space for future IN-PERSON classes.

To do this, just go to a class page and click the “sign me up” link as usual. Then when new class dates are scheduled, we’ll email you with the dates so you can choose one that works for you.

Here’s a list of classes you can do this for. (More will be added soon)

  1. ACTING 101

When will our IN-PERSON classes return?

Hi everyone, some folks have been emailing to ask if we have an idea when our in-person classes will be back.

Our best estimate at this point is that it would make sense to bring them back when Washington state reaches what Governor Inslee calls “Phase Three” – which health authorities are hoping would be around or after June 15th.

For us, this would mean starting new classes up after the July 4th weekend, so actually mid-July (so that classes don’t get interrupted by the Independence Day holiday)

When we resume classes, we’ll keep doing so with social distancing, i.e., placing chairs further apart from each other, and having longer breaks between classes so that there’s time to wipe down things like tables and doorknobs with Clorox wipes.

We understand that some students, particularly those in vulnerable populations, may decide that it’s best to stay cautious. So for them, we’ll continue offering online versions of many of our classes. 

These ideas are preliminary, just our interpretation of the current guidelines. Like everyone, we’re trying to feel our way to the best solution. We would be very interested in hearing from all of you, so feel free to email us your thoughts and ideas. We want to make sure that whatever we end up doing, that it’s safe for both our students and instructors.

According to this Seattle Times article, these events would be allowed after June 15, if all goes as hoped (this could change if infection rates start trending upward instead of leveling off):

Allowed in Phase 3

  • Outdoor group recreational sports activities — capped at groups of 50 people.
  • Recreational facilities such as public pools — operating at less than 50% capacity
  • All gatherings capped at 50 people
  • Nonessential travel can resume
  • Restaurants can operate at up to 75% capacity, with table sizes capped at parties of 10
  • Bars at under 25% capacity
  • Indoor gyms at under 50% capacity
  • Movie theaters at under 50% capacity
  • Government offices open. Telework remains strongly encouraged.
  • Libraries
  • Museums
  • All other businesses other than nightclubs and events with more than 50 people.




Rekindle School was established in 2002. We offer fun, affordable classes in drawing, painting, acting, filmmaking and other subjects. Most of our classes meet on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Others meet in community centers.


See a class you like? Buying a GIFT CARD (or gift certificate) is a way or signing up and reserving your place. You can then redeem it and join a class when in-person classes start again. If you don’t find a section that works, you can choose between a refund or finding a different class.

A note to our students

Our classes are postponed due to coronavirus, but will be back when the situation improves. We’ll look forward to working with you again when classes resume. Stay healthy!




Looking for a class? Let us know!

We’d love to hear from you:  Who you are, what sorts of classes you’re searching for or interested in.  Feel free to drop us an email with any questions, thoughts or requests for new courses.

See you in class!

Update – April 17th

  • Our IN-PERSON CLASSES have been POSTPONED due to coronavirus. They’ll be back soon.
  • During this break, we invite you to check out our upcoming classes on this page. Then when our school reopens, we’ll announce new class dates.
  • Questions? Email us at 
  • Stay safe and healthy!

P.S. One easy way to keep in the loop is to join our Facebook “New and Announcements” group.


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Class #17526
Seattle: University of Washington
Dates and times have not yet been scheduled for this class. If you'd like to be notified when they are, please email us at

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Thinking about writing a novel? Or have one underway, and looking for a boost to move it toward completion?  In this Seattle novel writing class, we’ll look at character, plot andstory structure, and do some in-class writing exercises to get you rolling. Plus, you’ll learn how to use a traditional story structure with roots in myth and legend, to solve common story structure problems and bring your novel into focus.

Students will have the opportunity to share their writings in class and get feedback from the instructors and others. You’ll also learn about how to approach publishers, copyrighting your novel and more.  Whether you’re in the early planning stages of writing a novel, or have been thinking about one for a while and need a boost to get it moving again, this class will help.  More Seattle Writing Classes




Writing Fiction – and Getting It Published

Sign up now  using the link below:

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Class 17524-3-3: Writing Fiction
Saturdays 3 p.m.-5 p.m. May 2, 9, 16, 23
Tuition $150 + $10 registration fee
University of Washington campus - Seattle
Max. enrollment: 12. Enrolled so far: 2

In this class, students will learn about the elements of FICTION WRITING through a series of in-class exercises, as well as some assignments to be done outside of the class.

  • Exercises will include writing dialogue; writing action and description; creating strong and memorable characters;  writing fiction and non-fiction; getting a better understanding of plot and story structure; and more. 
  • Students will do some in-class exercises, then try their hand at writing a two short stories and a few pages from a novel.
  • You’ll have opportunities to share your writings with the group, and to get feedback from others in the class, and from the instructor. 
  • You’ll learn how to copyright your writings, how to get published, and how to make money as a writer.   

Nils Osmar, instructor, has written stories, articles, stage plays and screenplays, and has taught writing classes and other course for over twenty years. He has written and published poems, magazine articles, short stories, stage plays and screenplays. His short story collection, The Hungry Time, was published in 1996, and was featured on public radio.  It is available on


“I liked the combination of handouts, presentation, discussion, and reading student writing for feedback. The combination of all of these separate tools helped reinforce concepts and make each two hour session productive and varied. Nils makes the classroom comfortable for people at all levels.” – J.F., Bellevue (scroll down for more student comments)

What a wonderful experience your writing class is!  I was amazed at what I was able to produce in this short time, and I feel much more confident about what makes an interesting short story.  The tone you set for the class was so constructive and instructive that you brought out the best in all of us. Thank you so much for this enriching class! – Marianne N., Seattle

Hi, Nils: You may not remember me, but a few years ago I took my first-ever creative writing class with you …. The class had such a profound impact on me that I immediately applied to graduate programs to pursue a Master’s Degree in creative writing. I was fortunate to be accepted to a wonderful school in Los Angeles, and recently graduated with distinction. I have also completed my first novel, and many times throughout the writing/editing process, I would sometimes hear your voice in my head saying, “Show, don’t tell,” and, “Watch for excessive modifiers.” 

I also teach English now, and I’ve realized how meaningful it can be to hear from students who have valued your instruction. To that end, I want to thank you for giving me my first “push” and encouraging me to continue doing what I love. I plan to move back to Seattle in the coming months, and I hope I’ll run into you sometime so I can thank you in person. I hope you’re continuing to teach and to inspire.  Sincerely, K. Bashaw

Thanks again for the writing class this quarter. I found your comments on my stories, and other students’ stories, helpful and to the point. You said what you thought, but without trashing anybody. I also appreciated being able to hear other students’ comments on what I’d written. – Megan C. (Edmonds)

I liked the format, and the chance to things aloud…. hearing my own stories was an eye-opener. Just hearing them, I could tell when they were working or where the cuts needed to be. It was also great having a chance to get so much feedback. – Bill K. (Seattle)

I spent two years not writing and getting ragged about it. I have to say that during your class I started writing and I’ve been writing my b_lls off ever since. It worked for me totally. – Andy J. (Seattle)

I loved your class. – J.L., Seattle

Thanks for a fun and interesting class. I appreciate how you value each student for their individual voice and style, and how you encourage and bring out the best in each of us. I always learn new and effective ways to look at things when I take one of your classes… – Barb B. (Bellevue)

Thanks for an excellent class. The exercises were enjoyable. It was a pleasure to be in such a creative group.- Marylin H. (Bellevue)

I took it because I was “stuck” in journaling, and wanted to shake myself loose and open up my writing abilities and inclinations in some new directions. Your suggestions and comments were great. I’m unstuck. Thank you!!!! I’ll be back in the fall to take the class again. – Marie L., Lake Forest Park

I found this class to be both fun and educational thanks to both Nils and everyone in the class. -M.L, Seattle

Suzie and I had lunch together today and we were commenting on how much we appreciated the gracious and respectful manner in which you taught the class. We both feel SO thankful to have ‘happened’ to have chosen your writing class, and we want to say THANKS NILS! The group you’ve birthed and created has lots of energy! (We’ve formed a writing group and are) plan to meet every 2 weeks. – M.C., Seattle


See more Seattle Writing Classes!


Looking for fun, affordable writing classes in Seattle?

We offer classes in Short Story Writing, Novel Writing, Screenwriting, Science Fiction Writing, and more.

All of our writing classes meet on the Seattle branch of the University of Washington campus. They’re non-credit courses for the general community, open to everyone. That means that the focus is on having fun and learning, not on grades or tests. 

WRITING CLASSES – Short descriptions


In this class, students will learn how screenplays are written, then get some practice in writing them. You’ll have a chance to write “minute movies” (just a page long), short screenplays (a few pages long), and scenes from full length movies. There will also be opportunities (for those who want to) to share your writing with the class and get some feedback. Seattle: UW campus 


In this class, we’ll dive into writing a FULL LENGTH SCREENPLAY (90 to 120 pages long). We’ll also look at TREATMENTS, and write a short one as a practice exercise.


In this enjoyable Seattle writing class,  students will learn about the elements of short story writing;  get practice coming up with stories of their own; and have opportunities to get feedback from the instructor and others.  You’ll also learn how to copyright your writings, and how to get your writings published.  The focus in the class is on developing our skills and learning to let the process happen easily and spontaneously. Seattle: UW campus 


In this class, we’ll focus on writing (short) science fiction and fantasy, paying special attention to what makes stories seem real and believable even when the characters and locale are exotic or unreal. Topics for the writing prompts will include time travel, alien invasions, robots, wizards and warriors, space travel, and other SF and fantasy themes. Students have opportunities to share their writings and get feedback from others in the class.  Whether you’re an established SF writer or a novice, come join us and have fun writing. Seattle: UW campus 


In this enjoyable Seattle writing class,  students will learn about the elements of short story writing;  get practice coming up with stories of their own; and have opportunities to get feedback from the instructor and others.  You’ll also learn how to copyright your writings, and how to get your writings published.  The focus in the class is on developing our skills and learning to let the process happen easily and spontaneously. 

Sign up now  using the link below:

Class 17524-3-3: Writing Fiction
Saturdays 3 p.m.-5 p.m. May 2, 9, 16, 23
Tuition $150 + $10 registration fee
University of Washington campus - Seattle
Max. enrollment: 12. Enrolled so far: 2

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Welcome to

Now enrolling for Spring Quarter classes

Dozens of fun, affordable classes in the arts!

calligraphy class seattle 2

  • Classesandworkshops is an independent educational program.  
  • Our classes meet in Seattle, on the University of Washington campus and other locations.

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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is that being creative is a natural part of life. Anyone can learn to write, draw, act, sing, or express themselves creatively in other ways. Training is more important than “talent” — and when you take classes, you may find a talent for something you’ve never tried before.  If you’d like to have fun and start learning a new skill, we’re here to help.

Class locations

Class locations include the University of Washington campus, Lake City Community Center, PNC, Greenwood Center, and more.

Fun, focused classes

Some of our classes have several meetings; others are one day workshops.  Many introductory classes, such as Acting 101, have follow-up classes (such as Acting 102, Acting 103, Let’s Make a Movie) that students are free to take if they would like to keep learning.


You can always sign up!

Most schools have a gap of several weeks each quarter during which enrollments are not processed. For example, when spring classes end for the quarter (in most schools), it may be a month or two before summer class dates become open for enrollment. When we designed our program, we did away with that gap.

This means that on the day after a class starts each quarter, registration becomes active for the same class for the following quarter. (If the spring session of “Widgets for Wabbits” begins on June 1, the summer session of “Widgets for Wabbits” opens up for enrollment on June 2) (literally the next day).
This means that you don’t have to wait weeks for the next round of enrollments to begin. You can sign up any time, for any of our Seattle classes.  Early enrollment is recommended, because most classes fill up. 



“…I wanted to say thank you for your help and guidance in the early stages of my acting career. It has been a great journey that started in your beginning acting class. I am happy to report that I just met a very awesome goal. I will be a day actor in the TV series Grimm this week. It was your coaching that set and codified the foundation that helped get me where I am today. Thank you so much for your help.   If you would like to, please feel free to share my story with your other students and on the website.

…I want to thank you for inspiring me to follow me dreams. I left Washington. I am down in California. I have started a television production company and I auditioned for a Harley Davidson Commercial yesterday as an actor. Everything is moving at light speed…and in a positive direction. It all started with you in that classroom at the U of W. – Robert C., Hollywood

Best wishes and with my sincerest gratitude, Joey Coverson”



…I just want to thank you for the (crash course in filmmaking) classes. I never learned so much over a short period of time and remembered it. You wasted no time on the non-essentials.

I greatly appreciate the fact that you were very receptive to everyone’s questions. Your experience, dedication, and passion for film making made this a fantastic learning experience for me.

I want you to know that taking this class has truly made a difference for me. I lost the fear to shoot and produce films. It has given me the knowledge and skills I was seeking and the confidence I need to step into film making.

I have to tell you — you are an incredible teacher! I cannot thank you ENOUGH!  I’ll definitely recommend this class to all my friends. Thanks so much for the highly engaging and inspiring class. – J. Vega


Thanks for taking some time before the class to help me figure out which class I should take. You weren’t just trying to “sell” me a class, you helped me find the one that would be a good next step for me. – M.J. (Seattle)


“I have enjoyed your class. You have been providing great direction for what to look for in SEO and things that you can do to improve anyone’s rankings…. I liked the presentation style, very good information.” – Jim Hopper, Seattle

“The exercise you did using one of your own websites as an example, and showing how the right changes could raise it in the search engine results, was really helpful.” – E.W., Tacoma.

For more comments and reviews about our Seattle classes, see the individual class pages.   See also: More info and reviews

Certificates of Completion

CERTIFICATE111You can take classes just for fun, or earn Certificates of Completion in several subject areas.  (Working for a certificate is a great way to organize your studies in a given subject area.) We offer certificates of completion in:


Seattle classes open for enrollment:


  1. Acting 101
  2. Acting 102
  3. Acting Workshop
  4. Acting for the Camera
  5. Accents and Dialects for Actors 
  6. Auditioning
  7. Improv 101 
  8. Let’s Make a Movie!
  9. Monologue Workshop 
  10. Stand-Up Comedy
  11. Voiceover 101 Tuesday class 
  12. Voiceover 101 Saturday class 
  13. Voiceover 102 Saturday class 
  14. Voiceover 102 Tuesday class 


  1. Acrylic Painting 
  2. Caricature (Humorous Portraits)
  3. Cartooning 1-day workshop
  4. Cartooning 3-week class
  5. Colored Pencil Drawing
  6. Drawing Comics and Graphic Novels 
  7. Drawing for Absolute Beginners
  8. Drawing in Pen, Brush and Ink
  9. Calligraphy
  10. How to Draw People
  11. Learn to Draw in a Day 
  12. Learn to Draw in a Day 
  13. Mixed Media Collage 
  14. Oil Painting   
  15. Palette Knife Painting 
  16. Perspective Drawing 
  17. Watercolor Painting
  18. Painting Landscapes in Watercolor


  1. Crash Course in Filmmaking 
  2. Let’s Make a Movie! 
  3. Screenwriting 101


  1. Singing for beginners 


  1. Photoshop 
  2. SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  3. Sketchup
  4. Video Editing in Premiere Pro
  5. WordPress 


  1. Screenwriting 101
  2. Writing From Your Life 
  3. Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy  
  4. Writing Short Stories 
  5. Writing Your Novel 


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If you ever have difficulty finding or signing up for a class, please contact us.  We’ll be glad to help!

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We’d love to hear from you:  Who you are, what sorts of classes you’re searching for or interested in.  Feel free to drop us an email with any questions, thoughts or requests for new courses. See you in class!

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