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Hi everyone,

Step by step drawings – objects based on spheres:

Note the shadow core in the sphere below (the rounded “C” shape within the shadow area):

The daisy below is based on a flat cross section of a cylinder. (Imagine a stack of plates; stacked together they make a cylinder. Each plate, if it’s flat, if a cross section of the cylinder).  (I’ll demonstrate how it was drawn in class, but try it in the meantime just for fun)
Some objects based on the four basic shapes — cylinders, spheres, boxes and cones:
Here’s a sketchy drawing of a cube, done freehand — and below it, one drawn with a ruler:
The elephant below is based on two spheres (the head and body) and several cylinders (the legs and trunk). Try drawing it starting with a grid; the grid will help with the proportions. Then try drawing it again without a grid, paying attention to the shapes (the body and head are based on spheres; the trunk and legs are based on cylinders).

Have fun drawing! – Nils