PAINTING CLASSES – Short Course Descriptions!


In this fun introductory class, you’ll learn how to mix and blend colors in acrylics; how to use brushes to create a variety of textures and patterns; how to start with a loose sketch or idea, and turn it into a lovely painting you can take home with you or give to a friend; and more. You’ll have fun, get comfortable working with acrylics, and you’ll learn techniques you can practice to develop your painting skills further in the future. Seattle: UW campus 


Looking for a colored pencil class in Seattle that’s easy, step-by-step, and designed for total beginners?  A class where you can learn how to draw in color using high quality pencils, in beautiful, vibrant hues? Our Colored Pencil for Beginners workshop is a good place to start. (This class usually meets at Artist and Craftsman Supply store, in the University District in Seattle)


In this class, students will learn how to work with water-miscible oil paints, using an easy step-by-step method that will have you falling in love with oils. (Water-miscible paints clean up with water, so you don’t need turpentine or dangerous chemicals.) You’ll learn how to paint some simple and easy shapes; how to mix and blend colors; how to paint some simple objects and make them look three-dimensional; and more. Plus: an easy approach for painting trees, mountains, and flowers. Seattle: UW campus 


Looking for a Seattle watercolor class that’s open to everyone, even those who’ve never painted before? “Watercolor Workshop” is a pleasant introduction to watercolor painting for anyone who enjoys color and wants to experience the joy of watching a painting of your own happen. By the end of the class, students will take home a variety of vibrant, fun paintings that you have created for yourself.  Seattle: UW campus 

About Nils Osmar

Nils Osmar was born in Alaska, and grew up in a wilderness area on the southern coast. He now lives in Seattle. He has made his living in the arts for over thirty years, working as a writer, visual artist, teacher, and filmmaker. He currently teaches through the University of Washington's ASUW Experimental College. He is the Director of an independent educational program,, which offers courses in visual, written and performing arts in Seattle, Washington.