MORE SEATTLE CLASSES! Seattle writing classes, filmmaking classes and more*

“MORE SEATTLE CLASSES” is for courses that may go unspotted in the other categories on our website, but that we think our students would love — an eclectic collection of fun and different classes, including writing, filmmaking, and more. You could call ’em too cool for other categories. Here are some coming up soon.


REKINDLE SCHOOL offers several different classes in different aspects of filmmaking:

  1. FILMMAKING 101: MAKING MOVIES ON A MICRO BUDGET (Learn how to make your own movies!)
  2. LET’S MAKE A MOVIE (We’ll make a short film in class.) (A great way to get some footage for your acting reel)
  3. LET’S MAKE A HORROR-ACTION MOVIE (Offered once per year — we’ll make a short horror movie, then it’ll play in a Seattle theater along with other entries)
  4. TEAM BUILDING FOR THE 48 Improve your acting skills, and have lots of fun — then, after the class is over, join your classmates to make a movie — then watch it in a Seattle theater!
  5. SCREENWRITING 101 (Learn how to write screenplays)
  6. SCREENWRITING 102 (Write full length screenplays)