• If the title is a LIVE LINK, the class is open for enrollment
  • See classes listed ALPHABETICALLY
  • All of our classes are for adults 17 and older except for the Creative Drama for Ages 7-9 class. 
  • The list below is always changing. More classes will be added as they are scheduled

Starts Wed. 1/27/21: CARTOONING 101:Learn how to draw your own cartoon characters and finish them in ink –– then practice drawing some comic strips, comic books and graphic novels.


Starts Mon. 2/1/21: SCREENWRITING 101: Learn how to write screenplays, get some practice writing them, and have opportunities to workshop them and get feedback on your writing. Plus tips for pitching your screenplay and getting it produced.


Starts Sat. 2/6/21: CREATIVE DRAMA – FOR AGES 7-9: A fun online acting class for Lower Elementary students.


Starts Sat. 2/6/21: VOICE OVER 101:Learn the art and craft of voice acting (in commercials, games and animation)


Starts Sat. 2/6/21: VOICE OVER 103:For students who’ve taken Rekindle’s VO 101 and 102 classes.


Starts Sun. 2/14/21: ACTING 102: “What’s my motivation?” How to start from a script, connect with your character’s goal and motivation, and bring the scene to life.


Starts Sun. 2/14/21: ACTING 103: Learn how to create a range of different character types, find their individual ways of walking and speaking, and how to bring them to life in scenes from movies and plays.


Starts Tues. 2/16/21: DRAWING IN COLORED PENCIL: A beginning level class. Have fun exploring colors and shapes. We’ll draw flowers, trees, simple objects, and more.


Starts Wed. 2/17/21: DRAWING FACES AND PORTRAITS: How to draw realistic faces from several angles, and get a good resemblance


Starts Mon. 3/1/21: SCREENWRITING INTENSIVE:For students who’ve completed the Screenwriting 101 class and learned the basics, and want to do a deep dive into writing a full length screenplay. 


Starts Saturday 3/6/21: BEGINNING PAINTING – IN OILS OR ACRYLICS:  In this class, you’ll learn the techniques of the Old Masters, including glazing, impasto and palette knife painting techniques, producing a finished realistic painting with inner glow and lasting beauty. 


Starts Sat. 3/6/21: VOICE OVER 102:For students who have taken Rekindle’s Voice Over 101 class and would like to continue learning.


Starts Sat. 3/6/21: VOICE OVER 104: For students who have taken Rekindle’s Voice Over 101, 102 and 103 classes and would like to continue learning.


Starts Tues. 3/9/21: JOKECRAFT! THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF COMEDY WRITING This section is full. Enrollments are now open for the April class which starts on 4/6/21.


Starts Wed. 3/10/21: FIGURE DRAWING: In this class, you’ll learn how to draw realistic human figures using an easy step-by-step method, even if you’ve never drawn before.


Starts Sat. 3/13/21: AUDITIONING WORKSHOP: How to audition and get the role. Learn about actor reels, headshots, types of auditions and more. 


Starts Sun. 3/14/21: ACTING 101:  In this enjoyable introductory acting class, you’ll learn how to create characters, memorize dialogue, and perform scenes with other students.


Starts Sun. 3/14: ACTING 104: Our focus in this four week class will be on expanding each student’s emotional range.


Starts Tues. 3/23/21: DRAWING FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS: Anyone can learn how to draw – this means you! In this class you’ll learn how to draw, step by step


Starts Sat. 3/27: LET’S MAKE A MOVIE:In this class we’ll create a short movie. Students can act in it or help out behind the scenes. Some classes will meet online in Zoom, but the filming is done in person (in very small groups, outdoors when possible, with social distancing)


Starts Tues. 4/6/21: JOKECRAFT! THE NUTS AND BOLTS OF COMEDY WRITING This class is designed to teach you the basics of writing a joke… and how to train your brain to think like a comedy writer.


Starts Sunday 4/11: ACTING 102: “What’s my motivation?” How to start from a script, connect with your character’s goal and motivation, and bring the scene to life. Will open for enrollment after the 2/14 class starts


Starts Sunday 4/11: ACTING 105 – The syllabus for this class is being revised due to coronavirus; we’ll have an update soon.


Meets Sunday 4/11: VOICE OVER WEBINAR 1: CAREERS: Learn about the types of Voice Over acting, and the training, equipment, and marketing materials expected of a professional voice talent


Meets Sunday 4/18: VOICE OVER WEBINAR 2: HOME STUDIO BASICS:  How to set up a home studio inexpensively that will meet your needs as a voice over actor


Meets Sunday 4/25: VOICE OVER WEBINAR 3: SELF-MARKETING FOR VOICE OVER ACTORS: An interactive webinar to answer all of your VO Marketing questions.