On-Camera Acting for Children (ages 8-12)

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Looking for a Seattle acting class for kids which approaches acting professionally and will get young students off to a good start?  In this fun and focused four-week class, held on the Seattle branch of the University of Washington campus:

  • Students will learn the basics of acting for the camera and working on a film set.
  • Students’ performances will be filmed and reviewed in the class.
  • Students will learn about working with and without dialogue; acting choices; eye lines; continuity; and how to work with scene partners.
  • The classroom is run like a film set, introducing students to the professionals who work on set and how to behave on set. 
  • On-Camera Acting for Children (ages 8-12) is both a fun class and a good education.  Past students have commented that they have gained a good understanding for the details of film making.
  • Instructor: Meredith Binder 

About the instructor: Seattle actor Meredith Binder is an actress and producer, known for A Crime to Remember (2013), Invisible Ink (2015) and Beloved Beast (2018). See full bio.