Oil Pastel Painting

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Drawing and "Painting" in Oil Pastels
The April 2018 class is FULL.
Tuition: $175 + $10 registration fee
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Location: University of Washington campus

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Imagine having a drawing tool that lets you draw as if you were making an oil painting anytime, anywhere, with no mess.  Oil pastels are a mixture of non drying oil, wax and vivid pigment in stick form that is portable and clean.  You can take them anywhere and draw on the spot.

Oil and wax media have a long and distinguished history.  Wax and pigment mixtures, known as encaustics, have been in use in Europe and the Mediterranean for about 3000 years, and show remarkable preservation.  Modern developments for artists in the 1960s include a crayon that grew up.  Since then, improvements have included different grades for artists and students.

Come and join us in exploring this wonderful medium.   A kit will be available for purchase which has buttery consistency and vivid colors.  The instructor will walk you through techniques for a variety of subjects.  You will create some beautiful art to take home. 

All artwork © Robin Walker, 2014.

still life oil pastel_0001

oil pastel demo chickins22

oil pastel lake and trees1