• aka: OIL PAINTING 101
  • Looking for an oil painting class in Seattle that’s step-by-step, and designed for beginners?
  • This three-week introductory class, held on the University of Washington campus, is a great place to start.

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Class 68934-2-5
Oil Painting for Beginners
(Oil Painting the Fume-Free Way)
Saturdays April 18, April 25, May 2. 1 pm-4 pm
Seattle: University of Washington campus
Maximum: 8. Enrolled so far: 3


In this Seattle oil painting class, open to everyone but intended for absolute beginners, you’ll learn the techniques of the Old Masters, including glazing, impasto and palette knife painting techniques, producing a finished realistic painting with inner glow and lasting beauty. 

This fun, step-by-step class offers offers personalized instruction within the camaraderie of a small group setting.

You do not have to have any previous experience in painting to take it, learn some fun things, and do well with the methods the instructor will be demonstrating.


Students will learn how to use traditional oil paints using a cleanup method that is toxin-free. 

No turpentine or solvents are needed. Now oil painting can be as easy to use as acrylics and cleanup can be effortless!

The MATERIALS KIT provides everything needed for the class at affordable prices, with enough supplies for multiple works of art. It can be purchased at Artists and Craftsman Store, located about a mile from the classroom. Just stop off at the store on your way over to the class, buy it and bring it to class with you. Please see the MATERIALS KIT PDF for more information about what’s in the kit. Or if already have your own materials which are similar to those in the kit, you can bring them instead.

The class is open to both beginners and experienced painters, but again, it’s a good entry level class for total beginners.

About the instructor: Diane Crago has been teaching painting for 45 years in corporate, private and school settings. All artwork on this page is copyright Diane Crago 2019

Each class meeting lasts for three hours. Here’s what we’ll be doing as the class moves along:

  • Students will create value chart, learn the 10 colors employed in this class, learn palette knife technique, and begin a 100 color color mixing chart.
  • Students will complete the color chart and select subject matter from materials provided by instructor. 
  • Students transfer outlines of subject matter onto stretched canvas and complete grisaille.
  • Students will learn glazing techniques and color temperature balancing.
  • Students will learn impasto techniques and complete the class painting.

Oil painting can be fun! In this beginning level class, held on the University of Washington campus in Seattle, students will learn how to work with oils, using an easy step-by-step method that will have you falling in love with this wonderful medium.