homework for students in our seattle classes

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(next 7 days)

  1. Starts on Tues 1/19 Voiceover 101
  2. Starts on Sat 1/23 Voiceover
  3. Meets on Sat 1/23 Cartooning
  4. Starts on Sat 1/23 Improv
  5. Meets on Sat 1/23 Collage
  6. Meets on Sun 1/24 Acrylic Painting
  7. Meets on Sun 1/24 Pro Make-Up: Cuts, Burns, Bruises
  8. Starts on Mon 1/25 Writing Short Stories
  9. Starts on Tues 1/26 Screenwriting
  10. Starts on Tues 1/26 Comedy


  1. JUST ADDED:  Drawing 102: Next Step
  2. Learn Watercolor in a Day
  3. Palette Knife Painting
  4. Dramatic Prismacolor Colored Pencil
  5. Caricature Workshop  
  6. Voiceover 102


About Nils Osmar

Nils Osmar was born in Alaska, and grew up in a wilderness area on the southern coast. He now lives in Seattle. He has made his living in the arts for over thirty years, working as a writer, visual artist, teacher, and filmmaker. He currently teaches through the University of Washington's ASUW Experimental College. He is the Director of an independent educational program, Classesandworkshops.com, which offers courses in visual, written and performing arts in Seattle, Washington.