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CLASS 185457-11-15: Singing for Beginners -
Sundays Feb. 16-March 8, 2020
6:30 pm-8:30 pm (4 meetings)
Tuition: $150 + $10 registration fee
University of Washington campus - Seattle
Max. enrollment: 10. Enrolled so far: 4

Do you sing along to the radio when your favorite song starts playing? Have you been caught singing in the shower?

Are you an actor or dancer who wants to try your hand at musical theatre but need a little help in the singing department? Or just someone who loves music and wants to learn to sing?

In this Seattle singing class, participants will learn to carry a tune, hear harmonies, and “blend” their voices to sound as one. We will also begin to unravel the complexities of reading sheet music, following rhythms, and learning “parts” when singing in a group.

P.S. There are no prerequisites. This class can be taken as part of our MUSICAL THEATER PROGRAM, or taken just for fun by anyone who wants to improve their singing. Come join us and have fun singing! Office: edit


Living Voices tour of “Within the Silence”


Looking for MUSICAL THEATER CLASSES for adults in Seattle? If you’re fascinated by the complexities of musical theater, Rekindle School’s MUSICAL THEATER PROGRAM is a great way to get your feet wet! All of our Seattle classes have openings at this point.

  1. Musical Theater: Singing for Beginners 
  2. Musical Theater: Moving to the Music
  3. Musical Theater: Acting in Musicals
  4. Musical Theater: Performance Showcase
  5. Musical Theater: Auditioning for Musicals
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“Which Class Should I Take First?”

  • You can take the classes in our MUSICAL THEATER PROGRAM individually, just for fun — or take all five, and earn a Certificate in Musical Theater Fundamentals.
  • The first three classes can be taken in any order. Just be sure you take all three of them before moving on to the PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE.
  • Whether you spell it MUSICAL THEATER or  MUSICAL THEATRE, our classes are a fun place to start.

Above: Rachel Rene as “Stepmother” in “Into the Woods” with Twelfth Night Productions. Production photos by Gary Wigle.

The cast and crew of “4 Short Plays” by Robert Francis Flor, directed by Rachel Rene. Promotional photos by Robert Flor.