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Classes open for enrollment:

Learn singing, songwriting and more in our Seattle music classes!




  • Our Seattle Music classes are held on the University of Washington campus.
  • They’re co-sponsored by and the University of Washington’s Experimental College.
  • They are non-credit courses for the general community, so are open to everyone.
  • For more information, click the class titles or scroll down this page.
  • To sign up, click the yellow Take Class button.




Where are your classes held?
Most of our Seattle music classes take place on the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Some are at the University Heights Center, or Phinney Neighborhood Center (great locations with ample parking for students).  You’ll be given the exact location and driving directions for your class when you sign up.

Are your Seattle music classes sponsored by the University of Washington? Or are they just held on campus?

Our on-campus courses are co-sponsored by our program and the Seattle Experimental College. They are not UW classes. They are non-credit classes for personal enjoyment and enrichment.

Are these good classes to take if I’m brand new to music?


What if I want to take classes just for fun? (I’m not really into the acting career thing, just doing something fun and different!)

That is totally fine. Not everyone who takes the classes does so with career ambitions.  Probably the majority do so just for fun, for personal enrichment.  Whether you’re there for professional reasons, or just to do something fun and different, you’ll have fun and learn a lot, and are welcome in the classes.

Do students need to bring anything to class?

Just bring a pen and pad to take notes. Other than that, just bring yourself, and come prepared to learn a lot, take some enjoyable risks and have fun.

What should I wear to class?
Just wear something loose and comfortable that you can move freely in. Anything is fine.