In figuring out how to handle refunds, we’ve tried out best to come up with a policy that:

  1. … is fair to students
  2. … is fair to instructors
  3. … takes into account room rental fees and other “built-in” expenses we incur when offering classes. (We often owe a rental rental fee whether or not a class is a “go,” and have course minimums to make sure we can cover these expenses.)

The heart of our policy is that to be able to refund the tuition, we need to be notified of a cancelation more than 48 hours before a class starts. (This gives us time to notify the venue at least 48 hours in advance, or re-open the class to new enrollments if it has filled up.)

If we receive 48 hours notice, the full tuition is refundable. The registration fee ($10 for general public, $5 for students and seniors) is not refundable, because it covers basic office costs related to processing enrollments.  We appreciate your understanding.

Please read the full refund policy below:

  1. REFUND POLICY for 1-day workshops
  2. REFUND POLICY for classes with multiple meetings





























 If you signed up before 1/14/15, our previous refund policies apply.  Please click below: