Perspective class practice drawings


This week’s homework is to watch the videos below, and draw along. Remember that IT’S FINE TO PAUSE THE VIDEOS and go back and rewatch them if you miss any steps. This is a good re-introduction to the basics:


First let’s review some examples of perspective drawings. Here’s Michael W’s beautiful painting of some sphinx-like objects. See how many perspective elements you can identify in this painting:

Try drawing a sketch based on this photo of railroad tracks in one point perspective:

…. and try a sketch of this city street is in one point:

View of the ocean! The true horizon is where the sky meets the edge of the sea.


Try copying the drawings below:



Hallway scene – try sketching

This is the splash page from my comic book Mythos #1.  Notice that there is more detail in objects closer to us… objects further away are getting smaller, and have less detail. The bird-thing flying in the foreground overlaps on the giant carved head behind it, which clarifies its spatial relationship.