To receive a Certificate in Filmmaking Fundamentals, you will need to complete the classes listed below.  You can take the classes in any order, all in the same quarter or over several quarters.  

  1. Let’s Make a Movie
  2. Crash Course in Filmmaking
  3. Start Writing Your Screenplay
  4. Video Editing in Adobe Premiere
  5. Lighting tips and tricks or Action Movie Weekend Workshop*

* You can take both “Lighting tips and Tricks” and “Action Movie Weekend Workshop” if you want, but the certificate only requires that you take one of them

Earning a Certificate in Filmmaking Fundamentals from signifies that you have completed a series of classes related to writing, producing and editing successful independent movies.

Working toward the certificate is a good way of organizing your studies, and having the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve completed the full range of classes that we offer.

If you’re curious about filmmaking, but are not sure yet if you want to work toward a certificate, you can sign up for a class, see how you like it, then later decide whether or not to apply it toward the certificate. This makes it possible to try out a class or instructor before making a larger commitment.