Working toward a Certificate of Completion can be a satisfying way of organizing your studies and covering all of the elements of a subject. To receive an Acting Level Two Certificate, you will need to complete ANY FIVE OF THE CLASSES listed below. (Choose the five that interest you.) You can take the classes in any order, all in the same quarter or over several quarters.  

  1. Voice Acting
  2. Accents and Dialects
  3. Improv 101
  4. Improv 201
  5. Stand-Up Comedy
  6. Let’s Film an Action Movie
  7. Let’s Make a Movie (if taken more than once)*
  8. Monologue Workshop for Actors

* The films we make in Let’s Make a Movie are different every quarter.  If you take Let’s Make a Movie once, your enrollment will count toward the Acting Fundamentals Certificate. If you take it more than once, the second time will apply toward the Acting: Level Two Certificate.

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