To earn an Acting Fundamentals Certificate from Rekindle School, you will need to complete ANY SIX of the classes below.

  1. CLASS 1: Acting 101
  2. CLASS 2: Acting 102
  3. CLASS 3: Acting with Emotion 1 
  4. CLASS 4: Acting with Emotion 2 
  5. CLASS 5: Acting for the Camera
  6. CLASS 6: Let’s Make a Movie
  7. CLASS 7: Auditioning
  8. CLASS 8: Improv 101


“So I just take six? I don’t need to take all of the classes on the list?”

Answer: You’re welcome to take all of them, and many students end up doing so. But only six are required to earn the Acting Fundamental Certificate.

“Why only six?”

Some students may need some classes more than others. For example, if you already have your headshot and resume, and know how to find auditions and win roles, you may not need class 7, “Auditioning 101.” If you’ve already done a lot of on-camera acting, you may not need class 6, “Acting for the Camera.” Our program lets you choose the classes that are most important to achieve your goals as an actor.

“What if I’m not sure which six to take?”

If you have any questions about which ones to take, specific to your situation, your instructor can help you make a decision.

“Do I have to take them in order?”

It’s recommended that they be taken in the order shown, but is not a requirement. But it is important to start with Acting 101 if you’re new to acting.

“Who teaches the classes?”

Classes 1-7 are taught by Nils Osmar. Class 8, Improv, is taught by Chad O’Bara.