Please note: Our CERTIFICATE PROGRAM has recently been updated. One class (LET’S MAKE A MOVIE) has moved from the ACTING FUNDAMENTAL CERTIFICATE to the CAMERA ACTING CERTIFICATE, and been replaced by IMPROV 101. (If you’ve already taken LET’S MAKE A MOVIE, you can still apply it toward the AFC certificate, and will not need to take IMPROV 101.)

  • Working toward a certificate from REKINDLE SCHOOL is a fun way to organize your studies.
  • To earn an ACTING FUNDAMENTALS CERTIFICATE, you will need to complete any SIX of the classes in the series below. (For example, if you’ve already taken a “101” class, you could skip it and start with Acting 102, and still earn your certificate.) (You’re also welcome of course to take them all.)
  • After you take ACTING 101, you’ll have two years to take the rest of the classes and complete the certificate. 
  • It’s fine to take ACTING 101 first, then decide whether to do work toward a certificate. 
  • There are no obligations, and you don’t need to prepay. You can stop taking classes at any time.
  • NOTE: We also offer certificates in VOICEOVER ACTING and ON-CAMERA ACTING.