Short class descriptions


Acting is fun — and it can be life-changing. In this enjoyable four-week class, you’ll learn how to create characters, memorize dialogue, and perform short scenes in front of the class. Plus: How to use your voice, body and emotions as acting tools. Whether your goal is to pursue acting on stage or in the movies, or just to get over some stage fright and get more comfortable in front of groups, this class is a great place to start.  Seattle: UW campus 


Acting 102 is a follow-up for students who’ve taken Acting 101 or a similar class, and would like to continue learning and developing their foundation acting skills, through acting exercises and analysis of their characters’ needs, wants, motivations and backstories.  Plus, you’ll learn a “sight read” method that makes cold readings in auditions much easier.  You’ll have fun and take the next steps forward in developing your acting skills. You can take this class just for fun, or as part of our Certificate Program in Acting FundamentalsSeattle: UW campus 


ACTING 103 is one of our foundational acting classes, building on the techniques and approaches students learned in ACTING 101 and ACTING 102. The focus is on learning to listen and respond to your scene partner, “getting out of your own head,” finding a genuine connection with your character, and bringing more realism and believability to your performance. You can take this class just for fun, or as part of our Certificate Program in Acting FundamentalsSeattle: UW campus 


In this class, we’ll do some improv, group exercises and scene work, focusing on expanding our range in terms of the emotions we can express, and moving beyond the pretense of emotion – with a focus on letting ourselves feel and express anger, fear, love, happiness, sadness and other key emotional states, then bring them into the performance. You can take this class just for fun, or as part of our Certificate Program in Acting FundamentalsSeattle: UW campus 


In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find auditions in the Seattle area
  • How to identify roles that would be good to audition for (or avoid)
  • How to figure out your age range and character type(s), and increase your odds of getting cast
  • How to prepare for an audition
  • The six things you should always bring to every audition
  • Audition etiquette: how to make a good first impression
  • How to identify your type and age range (and why both matter)
  • The differences between stage auditions and camera auditions
  • How to find the “good” acting agencies, and avoid the scams
  • How to get professional-quality headshots taken at an affordable price
  • How to write a good acting resume, whether you’re experienced or a beginner
  • How to do cold reads (sight reads) 
  • Strategies for planning your possible future as an actor – and more.

You can take this class just for fun, or as part of our Certificate Program in Acting Fundamentals.  Seattle: UW campus 


Improv is a wonderful and spontaneous form of acting. There are no scripts – it’s created on the spot between you and your scene partners. Improv can be fast-paced and comedic, or it can explore gentle and thoughtful moments in people’s real lives. This enjoyable introductory class, taught by an instructor with years of experience, is a great place to start. You’ll laugh, play, and have fun while learning how to let go of preconceptions and let go of worrying about failure. Seattle: UW campus 


Want to star in a movie, while learning how movies are made, and going through the process step by step? And/or get some good footage for your acting reel, which can help you get cast in other movies in the future? Here’s your chance! In this class, we’ll create and film a short movie, working together as a group. Everyone in the class who wants to, will be in the film. Important: If you are new to acting, you’ll get the most out of this course if you take some of our other acting classes (such as 101, 102 and 103, above) first. You can take this class just for fun, or as part of our Certificate Program in Acting Fundamentals.  Seattle: UW campus 


In this intensive four-week class, students will learn how to choose, memorize and perform both comedic and dramatic monologues, have an opportunity to rehearse them with the help and guidance of the instructor, then perform them in class. Helpful for stage actors, and also for anyone wanting to get their monologues “down.” Seattle: UW campus 


In this class you’ll learn methods that can make a night-and-day difference in how easy it is to learn dialogue. We’ll do exercises actors can use to speed memorization up, which leave you free to focus on the more interesting and important elements of acting. Memorization does not have to be hard or scary. You’ll learn techniques to help you memorize large blocks of dialogue quickly and with much less effort and angst than some people put into it. Seattle: UW campus 


Are you an actor, or actor-in-training, who’s interested in learning how to speak believably in a variety of different accents and dialects? In this class, helpful to both voiceover actors and “regular” actors, you’ll get practice speaking all of these accents and more, along with guidance and helpful tips from the instructor, an established voiceover actor. Note: You can take this class just for fun, or apply it toward our Voiceover Acting Certificate program. Seattle: UW campus 


In three introductory class sessions followed by a public performance, students will learn to learn to unleash their inner funny with confidence and skill. Seattle has a booming stand-up comedy community, so there will be lots of opportunity to continue to use what you learn even after the class has concluded. Seattle: UW campus 

  • Learn the basics of stand-up comedy!
  • A fun, supportive, hands-on class
  • You’ll create original material, explore the business-side of stand-up, and have the opportunity to perform at a comedy club in front of a real audience.
  • This is your chance to make a dream come true and get a head start if you choose to pursue comedy further.
  • There are three classes in a classroom and then a performance at a comedy club in Seattle.


About Nils Osmar

Nils Osmar was born in Alaska, and grew up in a wilderness area on the southern coast. He now lives in Seattle. He has made his living in the arts for over thirty years, working as a writer, visual artist, teacher, and filmmaker. He currently teaches through the University of Washington's ASUW Experimental College. He is the Director of an independent educational program,, which offers courses in visual, written and performing arts in Seattle, Washington.