This article is intended solely for informational purposes. It is not meant to be taken as, and should not be construed, as medical advice. Any changes to your lifestyle or diet should be done in consultation with your doctor or health care professional.

  • For more information about telomeres, see the videos below.
  • But take them with a grain of salt! Some of them were made by folks trying to sell a product called TA-65 or similar products. TA-65 in particular has been proven to lengthen telomeres, but is very, very expensive. Taking it is NOT the only way to lengthen or protect your telomeres.
  • The main active ingredient in TA-65 is a concentrated extract from a root called astragalus, which has been used as an anti-aging modality an for immune support in China for centuries.
  • So a lot of people (including me) just take astragalus hoping to receive at least some of the benefits of TA-65.