Some students have emailed to ask if we have any updates on when our in-person classes will resume. We are hoping to restart several of them in July.  (That could change of course depending on how things go with the reopening, or the governor’s recommendations.)

During the break, we’ve been brainstorming about ways to incorporate social distancing. Some ideas that have come to mind are small class sizes so students can sit several feet apart, and wiping down the tables (in classes that use tables) with clorox wipes.

We’d love to hear your ideas too – feel free to email us any that you have.

In the meantime, we have several ONLINE CLASSES starting soon, including a new session of Voiceover 101; a new Voiceover 102 class; and several new ACTING CLASSES, including an online “film yourself” version of Let’s Make a Movie. Plus, we have online versions of Cartooning and Drawing for Absolute Beginners starting soon.

Our online classes take place using Zoom. You don’t need your own Zoom account, just a device with an online connection. Here’s a list of classes starting soon.







LET’S MAKE A MOVIE – In this online film acting class, we’ll start out by meeting in “Zoom” for an orientation. After that, the instructor will write a script, and will work with students individually to film their parts on their cameras or other devices. Then the footage filmed by students will be edited into a movie with a professional musical score. Open for enrollment! More info – sign up now

ACTING IN COMMERCIALS – Interested in ACTING IN COMMERCIALS? This ONLINE ACTING CLASS, conducted using Zoom, will give you a better understanding of what’s involved, and help you develop both your auditioning and commercial acting skills. More info – sign up now

MONOLOGUES FOR ACTORS 102 – Need a monologue that you can put online as a showcase for your acting skills? This ONLINE ACTING CLASS will cover branding, choosing a monologue to fit your brand, and more. Open for enrollment! More info – sign up now

VOICEOVER 101 – In this fun, focused online class, students will learn the fundamentals of voice acting ONLINE from a professional voiceover actor. More info – sign up now

Stay well! We hope to see you soon in a class.

P.S. Remember that if you had signed up for a class that was interrupted or postponed, we will keep holding a place for you in our in person classes with they reopen.

And it’s also fine to switch your enrollment to an in-person class if you’d like to do so. Just email us at to let us know if you’d like to. And also feel free to email us if you’d like recommendations about which classes to take.

About Nils Osmar

Nils Osmar was born in Alaska, and grew up in a wilderness area on the southern coast. He now lives in Seattle. He has made his living in the arts for over thirty years, working as a writer, visual artist, teacher, and filmmaker. He currently teaches through the University of Washington's ASUW Experimental College. He is the Director of an independent educational program,, which offers courses in visual, written and performing arts in Seattle, Washington.