Acting Classes for Kids — Ages 10-12

Learn to Create and Perform Your Own Story — Online!

Class 215518-8-2:
Acting Class for Kids - Ages 10-12:
Learn to Create & Perform Your Own Story - Online
Saturdays 12 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
November 7, 14, 21, 28
Tuition: $80 + $10 reg. fee
Min. enrollment: 4. Max.: 8

The instructor will contact you with a Zoom link before the first meeting.

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Be a part of the latest and greatest digital sensation that is Rekindle’s brand new online course, for kids, older kids!

In this class series, your child will collaborate with partners to create their very own story! Students will learn the fundamentals of drama and be able to creatively express the characters and events in their tale. Finally, your child will stage and present their story in an online sharing.

Students will be challenged to engage in ensemble games, participate in reflective discussions, and express themselves using their imagination, body, and voice.

In This Class Your Child Will Learn:

  • The Drama VIBES: voice, imagination, body, ensemble, and story.
  • How to imagine and create their own stories.
  • How to shape and move their bodies to express the emotions and actions of their character.
  • How to develop and express narration and dialogue using their voice.
  • How to work together as an ensemble to stage and present their story. 
  • Note to guardians: This is an online class, so the instructor can’t physically supervise the students. So we ask that you please stay in the room with your youngster while they are attending the class. 

About the Instructor

  • Rachael Chapman is a Theatre Teaching Artist. For four years, she worked for the Honolulu Theatre for Youth facilitating in-school residencies, after-school programs, weekend courses, and summer camps for children.
  • She recently moved back to Washington to be closer with her family, and currently works as a Teaching Artist for Tacoma Arts Live.
  • Rachael continually strives to remain current in her education and training. She has her Master of Fine Arts in Theatre for Young Audiences from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, was accepted to the National Seminar for Teaching Artists at the Kennedy Center in DC, and recently completed the Washington State Teaching Artist Training Lab at Seattle Children’s Theatre.
  • Rachael’s teaching philosophy is process oriented as opposed to product oriented. She hands the power of creative choice over to her students and guides them through a series of scaffolded exercises and reflective questions.
  • She has participated as a performer in several children’s theatre and outreach programs and specializes in musicals and puppetry.
  • Above all else, Rachael enjoys sharing knowledge about the performing arts with others and admires the curiosity and creativity of young minds.