This article is intended solely for informational purposes. It is not meant to be taken as, and should not be construed, as medical advice. Any changes to your lifestyle or diet should be done in consultation with your doctor or health care professional.

Part of living longer (aiming for a lifespan of 100, 150, 200 or longer) is not stressing your body by going through recurrent illnesses unnecessarily. (We need exposure to viruses and bacteria to build our immune resistance, but succumbing to illnesses then struggling to fight them off is a stressor over the long haul.)

I used to get either the cold or the flu once or twice a year, and was always nervous about being exposed to the flu because I’d usually catch it. I went through several bouts of colds or flus leading to respiratory infections and bronchitis. My sore throats in those days were a common occurrence and made it difficult sometimes to teach.

I found a solution 12 years ago that has solved this problem for me permanently. If I find myself getting even a trace of a cold or flu, I’ll both gargle with hydrogen peroxide, and use it in my ears as described in this article.

To use this method: Lie on your side and put a dropper full of hydrogen peroxide in each ear. If you have an infection, the peroxide will bubble and fizzle as it cleans it out. If you don’t have an infection, nothing at all will happen; it’ll be inert.

The “in your ears” approach may sound odd, but ear wax is a moist, warm environment, the kind that infections love to nestle into; hydrogen peroxide cleans the infection out.

Since adding hydrogen peroxide in the ears to my regimen, I have only gotten one cold in the last 12 years. I assume it was because I waited a couple of days before using the peroxide. It was very mild and went away in a couple of days, once I started the peroxide treatment.

If I start getting one, I’ll do what the author describes in this article, and the infection will always be gone within an hour. I don’t worry about colds or flus anymore, or try to avoid exposure, as I haven’t had one of either in 12 years.

Taking hot/cold showers is also helpful as a general stimulant to both NAD production and to the immune system, that I sometimes combine with the hydrogen peroxide treatment.