This class will be back in the fall of 2022.

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Class #17506: FILMMAKING 101 -
Sunday 11/6 only, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
This class meets in Bothell.
Tuition: $150 + $10 reg. fee

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Interested in making your own independent movies – but trying to figure out how to approach it? In this this Seattle filmmaking class you’ll learn how to make high-quality movies without the mistakes that are common to beginners.

  • CAMERAS, CAMCORDERS and DSLRS: what the choices are, which is best for your project, and how to spend the least amount of money to get something that will work for the movies you’re planning on making
  • LIGHTING –– how film lights are used, how they can create the mood you’re looking for, and how to buy high quality lights that will last for years and give you good results, without spending a fortune.
  • AUDIO, i.e., how to record actors’ voices and other sounds clearly and distinctly
  • HOW TO USE A SHOTGUN MIC to record high quality audio while screening out unwanted background sounds
  • HOW TO USE CAMERA ANGLES, such as close-ups, medium shots, long shots, reverse shots, dutch angles, and more, and how to use the angles effectively to tell your story
  • FILM FESTIVALS AND DISTRIBUTION, fundraising for independent filmmakers, making movies for Youtube and social media, and figuring out ways to share your movie or documentary with the world. 

Looking for the experience of ACTING in a movie? Take our Let’s Make a Movie class.


What’s the difference between this class and Let’s Make a Movie?

  • This class is informational. There’s a lot the people need to learn before they run out and start filming movies. 
  • In this class, you learn HOW to make movies. It’s an information-based class, aimed at giving you the key basic information you need to start going out and making your own films.
  • Our other Seattle film class, Let’s Make a Movie, is a place where we actually film a short movie in class.


Student comments about our film classes

…I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to the other students and to thank you. I just want to thank you for the (crash course in filmmaking) classes. I never learned so much over a short period of time and remembered it. You wasted no time on the non-essentials. I greatly appreciate the fact that you were very receptive to everyone’s questions. Your experience, dedication, and passion for film making made this a fantastic learning experience for me. I want you to know that taking this class has truly made a difference for me. I lost the fear to shoot and produce films. It has given me the knowledge and skills I was seeking and the confidence I need to step into film making.  I have to tell you — you are an incredible teacher! I cannot thank you ENOUGH!    I’ll definitely recommend this class to all my friends. Thanks so much for the highly engaging and inspiring class.- J. Vega

The instructor is professional and well organized and had patience for questions from beginners. I will recommend the class to my friends. – R.W., Seattle

I learned exactly what I have been wanting (and needing) to. – Chris L., Seattle

slate2Thanks for showing us how to make a low budget movie look great. – H.T., Seattle

You took me from doing amateurish films to making the kind of movies I had been trying to. Thank you for all of your help. – Jerry W. Kent

I liked that we covered so many elements of filmmaking, including visual storytelling, camera angles, lighting, and audio.  I recommend your class for people who are looking for excellent introductory filmmaking classes. Your film classes and acting classes are a real resource to the community. – S. Frey, Seattle

… just to say thank you for the class Nils. I feel like I’m on track now to make more professional movies and actually start getting them into film festivals. – Alan D., Bellevue

I was hoping to learn some basics about filmmaking and see how it was all done. That’s exactly what I got. I will recommend the class to my friends. – J.G., Seattle