We will not be offering Documentary Filmmaking as a separate class this quarter.

For students interested in learning how to make documentaries, we would recommend taking “Crash Course in Filmmaking.”  

The instructor will be incorporating information about making documentaries, into the Crash Course class this quarter.

You don’t need a fancy camera or a lot of money to make a documentary. You just need a camcorder, a microphone, a computer with some editing software, and knowledge of how to go about it.  Nils Osmar, instructor

In this class you’ll learn:

  • how to plan and organize your documentary (The filmmaker makes the documentary, not the camera!)
  • how to set up and film interviews
  • how to light interviews using both natural light and studio lighting
  • how to use camera angles to tell your story
  • how to get good audio and lighting under field conditions
  • Plus, tips about film festivals and distribution, and ways to share your documentary with the world. 

slate2Students will get experience thinking up interview questions. Then we’ll light, set up audio for, then film an actual interview in the last hour.