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Class 28575: Drawing Faces and Portraits -
Saturday 4/27 and 5/4, 10am-12 pm
Tuition: $100 + $10 registration fee
Seattle: University of Washington campus
Max. enrollment: 10. Enrolled so far: 3

In this fun, focused class, you’ll learn: how to draw both men's and women's faces - angles and facial expressions - how to draw the features, and draw hair - and more.

In this fun, information-filled drawing class, you’ll learn:

  • how to draw men’s, women’s, and children’s faces
  • how to draw folks from different counties and cultures
  • how to draw facial angles and expressions
  • how to draw the features: ears, noses, eyes, eyebrows and mouths
  • how to catch a resemblance when drawing from a photo or life
  • how to draw hair
  • Beginners are welcome

You can bring your own drawing materials, or buy an inexpensive materials kit. Nils Osmar, instructor.

  • Below: Side view and front view of adult male faces. © Nils Osmar 2018
  • Lower: An example of a drawing done in class. Nils drew it as a live demo, projecting the image, while students were asked to sketch along, showing how to start with an oval, map out the proportions, and start drawing a face.

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