Here are some of things we’ve drawn recently in class, plus some related drawings. These are the four basic shapes artists usually start drawings from:

Sphere lit from left. An egg shape is also based on a sphere:

Getting into a little perspective: some principles that can make objects appear closer or further away:

Woman in 3/4 view. Based on egg shape (head) on top of cylinder (neck)

This face is based on the same shapes. Like the woman’s face, it has a highlight on the viewer’s left and a shadow on the viewer’s right:

Cylinder lit from left, shadow on right:

Evergreen tree is a cone on top of a cylinder

Both of these pencils are based on a cylinder with a cone on top: 

Some pencils which are NOT in perspective:

Some pencils in one point perspective:

This water bottle is very similar to the pencil but has an added cylinder on the top:

And here are some interesting drawings I found online which I’d invite you to try drawing if you’d like a challenge: