It was good meeting all of you in the Drawing for Absolute Beginners class.

ASSIGNMENT 1: First I’d recommend watching this short video again, for a reminder about negative space. Then find an object similar to the tea kettle shown in this video, which has a negative space which changes as you rotate it around. Don’t worry yet about drawing the tea kettle, but do try drawing the negative space, as you rotate it. (We’ll use negative space more in next week’s class.)

Here are some images from class for review: In this one, I’m starting with a random ball on top of a random cylinder…

Here’s a random box in one point perspective…

Here are some boxes in two point perspective; some are freehand, one involved the vanishing points…

Try copying the values in this image; draw squares and shade them, moving from left to right. Then try drawing the box. (This one has been drawn without vanishing points, using the “draw a diamond, then draw the sides” method.)

Try copying this box using the two vanishing points. The horizontal line near the top of the frame it’s in is the horizon line.

Have fun drawing – see you next week!