Hi everyone! It was good meeting all of you in the Drawing Faces class.

If you’d like to get in some practice this week, try copying the step by step drawings below.  How to draw a front view face:

  1. Draw an oval that’s 2 x 3 (in other words — if it’s 2″ wide, it would be about 3″ high)
  2. Draw a line halfway up for the eyes
  3. Draw a line 1/2 way between the eyes and chin for the nose
  4. There are five eye widths across. (Eyes are one eye width apart, and there’s the space for one eye on either side) 
  5. If light is on the left, shadow will be on the right, and vise versa.


Try sketching the woman’s face below. 

Note: Many people have problems with proportions when starting out. One thing that can help train your eye to see proportions more accurately is using a grid. If you have a printer, try printing out this image (including the grid), to help with the proportions:

shaded the face below by putting some graphite on my finger then using it to create softer edged shadows.


You might also try drawing a front view from a photo such as this one: