Drawing Comic Books and Graphic Novels

  • NOTE: This class has been combined with CARTOONING 101, and is now called “Cartooning Intensive.”
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NOTE: This class has FREE ART MATERIALS.  The instructor will bring hard-surface drawing paper (suitable for cartooning), tracing paper (for inking practice and character development), a pencil, a felt tip pen and a brush tipped pen for students to use in class. The only thing you need to bring is a little pencil sharpener. The materials are yours to KEEP after the class ends. 

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In this class, open to everyone, students will start out by learning how to draw realistically proportioned adult human figures in a simplified comic book style, then learn how to show them in action. We’ll practice drawing, shading and inking the figure and moving it around on the page. 

You’ll learn about page layout and design, as they relate to comics and graphic novels; composition and visual continuities; how to tell a story with pictures; and how to use dramatic lighting and cinematic camera angles such as closeups, medium shots, long shots, high angle  shots and low angle shots, to engage the reader and move your story along.

After that, students will practice drawing some actual comic book stories.  You’ll learn how to draw fight scenes, action scenes, and how to imbue even quiet moments in your story with dramatic tension.  We’ll take a look at student drawings and look at what works in each page and how to improve it.  We’ll also look at what goes into illustrating exciting and dramatic comic book stories.

Whether you’re an aspiring comic book illustrator or a hobbyist — whether you’re into traditional comics or experimental comics — you’ll learn a lot and have an opportunity to increase your skills as you work through the exercises in the class.  Instructor: Nils Osmar





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