PRACTICE ASSIGNMENTS: Want to keep practicing during the week? Try these exercises:


First try some shading with the TIP of your pencil (grind it down to a flat edge first, the “sweet spot” like I demonstrated in class). Practice blending smoothly from light to dark or dark to light, using both the scribble style and the smoother style shown below. Remember that the lower ellipse of the cylinder will be more round (closer to a circle) than the upper ellipse.

Then practice shading with the SIDE of your pencil, laying it flat on the paper. This brings out more of the texture (tooth) of the paper. Practice making flat tones and graded tones (going from dark to light or light to dark)

PRACTICE EXERCISE 2 –  We talked in class about how objects can be built up from simple shapes like cylinders and spheres. 

Here’s a loose, quick sketch of a cylinder:

Here’s a more step by step method:

In the final drawing(s) below, I’ve shaded the inside of the cylinder, and created a “core” of shadow on the outside which goes almost (but not quite) to the edge. I’ll show you more about “shadow cores” in the next class.

Then try drawing the cup below, which is based on a cylinder (plus a handle). I’d recommend drawing this on on your light (white) paper.

If you’d like a challenge, try drawing these – it’s fine if the shading is rough and sketchy –

We also doodled some faces in the class. Try drawing these on your darker paper so you can add some highlighting with your white pencil. Remember that faces can be based on eggs:


Have fun drawing! See you next week.