Hi everyone! It was good working with you in the drawing class. Here are some of the drawings we did in class, and related drawings I’d encourage you to copy.

Don’t worry if your drawing’s not perfect, or if your shading isn’t super-smooth; just try drawing the objects to see what you can learn from doing so. Another interesting exercise can be to set up some objects on a table, shine a light on them and try drawing what you see.


To improve your shading: first try some shading with the TIP of your pencil (grind it down to a flat edge first, the “sweet spot” like I demonstrated in class). Practice blending smoothly from light to dark or dark to light, using both the scribble style and the smoother style shown below. Remember that the lower ellipse of the cylinder will be more round (closer to a circle) than the upper ellipse.

Then practice shading with the SIDE of your pencil, laying it flat on the paper. This brings out more of the texture (tooth) of the paper. Practice making flat tones and graded tones (going from dark to light or light to dark)

Then try drawing and shading the objects and subjects below:

Have fun drawing!
– Nils