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This class is on a break. It should be back in summer 2018

Looking for a beginning-level Adobe Photoshop class in Seattle, that covers all of the basics but won’t break the bank?  In this step-by-step class, you’ll learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to:

    • fix color problems in photos
    • fix exposure problems
    • remove dust and scratches
    • make flyers, posters and business cards
    • copy and paste (take an element from one photo, and paste it into another)
    • use layers and channels
    • crop and rotate photos
    • and more.

The class includes several hours of group instruction, a free CD with all of the images we’ll be working on in class (before and after the changes, so you can work on them yourself), and a complete set of handouts that recap the exact steps we’ll be going over in class to fix the photos.

Whether you’re a home user, a graphics professional, someone who needs to learn Photoshop for an office project, or a job seeker wanting to upgrade your work skills and employability, this Seattle Photoshop class will help. Sponsored by  Instructor: Nils Osmar



Nils Osmar has made his living in the arts since the 1980sand has taught both accredited and non-accredited classes in Seattle for over twenty years, through Antioch University Heritage Institute, the Wonder School,, and other schools.  Nils has worked in Photoshop since 1992, and has taught Photoshop classes in Seattle since 1996. He is the creator of a line of Photoshop-generated comic books which were published in the United States and Italy.


I don’t have Photoshop yet. Is there a way to download a free version of Photoshop to use in the class?
Yes, and, I recommend doing so. You can download a free trial copy to use during the class, at

Is this a class for beginners or advanced students?
It’s a class for beginners. I’ll be assuming students don’t know anything about the program, and guiding them through its major features step by step.

How long have you been teaching Photoshop classes?
Since 1998.  (Through many changed versions of Photoshop – so the class has also changed a lot over time!)

What version of Photoshop will we be using in the class?
I’ll be demonstrating using Photoshop CS5 (the most recent version). But you can use any version released in the last few years. (You can even use Photoshop Elements for most of the things we’ll be doing in class.)

How is the class set up?
The group sessions consist of LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS projected on a screen for the whole group, using an LCD projector hooked up to a portable computer. These demonstrations cover all elements of the program, from scanning to layers, channels, and filters, to the final output (print or web pages). I’ll show you photos “before and after” using Photoshop, and show you exactly how the changes and corrections were made, step by step, and will give you a CD with the before and after images, so you can follow the same steps to make changes in the photos yourself.


Is the Photoshop class held in a computer lab?
No. It’s held in a regular classroom on the UW campus (using the projector as described above).

Why not hold it in a computer lab?
There are some advantages to a computer lab, but there are also some disadvantages. After trying both approaches, I’ve moved it into a regular classroom. Here’s why:

a) When a class is held in a computer lab, most of the students end up working alone at a computer most of the time, because the instructor can only work with one person at a time. If the instructor takes the time to work with every student at his or her separate computer, there’s not much time to present information to the class as a whole.

(b) Holding a class in a computer lab drives up the cost of the class astronomically. This is the reason most similar classes cost hundreds of dollars. The costs of leasing space in the lab, leasing the computers, and paying usage rights on multiple copies of the software, areall passed on to the students in the form of higher course fees.

In a nutshell, I’ve found that teaching the Photoshop class in this way, I can cover more information than if I held the class in a lab, and it keeps the class more affordable.

What if I have questions, or need a recap of what was covered in class?
As a student you’ll receive a free set of handouts that recaps, step by step, everything covered in the class, along with an CD that has before and after photos for all of the topics presented, to make it easy to recreate what the instructor is demonstrating.

I have a laptop computer with Photoshop installed. Can I bring it to class?
By all means, if you have a laptop or other device with Photoshop on it, feel free to bring it. But if you don’t have a laptop, don’t worry about it. You don’t need one to benefit from the class.

Thanks again for the class. It was really helpful.- Sean C. (Seattle)

(My wife and I) liked the format. We learned more than we had in a similar class at __________. – John R. (Seattle)

The format worked well for me. It was nice having assignments, and knowing we could call you during the week if we got stuck.- Shelley G. (Seattle)

I was the guy who had had Photoshop on his computer and never figured out how to use it. To tell the truth I was afraid of it. You cut through that and showed us the basic things it’s used for, and how to learn about the rest. I was totally happy with the class. – Bill D. (Bellevue)

I liked the relaxed atmosphere, and the fact that you made yourself available outside of class.- Sharon G. (Tacoma)


More computer classes will be coming in future quarters. If there’s a particular one you’d like to see offered, use the form on the sidebar to send us a note about it.

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