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Tues. 5 pm-7 pm, 3/9, 3/16, 3/23
Tuition: $150 + $10 reg. fee

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Painting can be a fun way of expressing yourself and exploring your creativity. But it can be challenging if you don’t understand how colors mix and blend, or how start with a few simple colors and end up with dozens.

  • If you’re new to painting or have done some painting but want to understand color better, this class is a helpful first step.
  • You can use either ACRYLICS or OILS in this class. If you’re new to oils and want to use them, we recommend using water-miscible oils.
  • You’ll learn how colors “work” and interact, and how to mix and blend colors to create a range of different impressions, moods and effects.  
  • We’ll start from just a few tubes of paint and learn how to mix and blend them using an easy step by step method, ending up with literally dozens of colors.
  • You’ll learn how to paint warm and cool colors; how to paint tints and shades; how to start with colors that may look “too bright” or garish and create more subtle and realistic tones; and more.

Below: “Mount Redoubt” by the instructor.