When you sign up for a class,  you will receive two emails:

  1. a receipt for your payment, and
  2. a note with the building address, info about parking, and driving directions.  

  • If you don’t receive both emails within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder.
  • If they’re not there, contact us and we’ll resend them. 
  • If your class is on the UW campus it will be in either Loew Hall or South Campus Center. The driving directions below will help. But make sure you know which building your class is in first, as they are in very different parts of the campus.
  • NOTE: Some students tell me their GPSs don’t work well on the UW campus because of the strange way the buildings are numbered. We’ve had students tell us their GPSs sent them driving around in circles when trying to find South Campus Center, in particular. So please bring the driving directions below just in case:
    • Driving directions to SOUTH CAMPUS CENTER (Note: If driving, park on MID LEVEL of the garage in front of SCC, and enter building through mid-level doors. Upper building doors will usually be locked.)
    • Driving directions to LOEW HALL
  • Questions? Scroll down!

If you’re lost and looking for a class, you can also try calling our office at 425-286-2937, but email is usually a quicker way to reach us. And when classes are in progress, we’re usually off teaching them, not in the office. Our office phone is a landline so please don’t text.  Email is the best way to reach us.

Our email address is: Rekindleschool@gmail.com