• When you sign up for a class,  you will receive two emails: (1) a receipt for your payment, and (2) a note with the building address, info about parking, and driving directions.  
  • If you don’t receive both emails within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder.  If they’re not there, contact us and we’ll resend. 
  • Questions? Scroll down!

Thank you for signing up for a class! This page has information about how to find your class, and where to park.

Class locations and driving directions are emailed out when you sign up. (You should receive two emails within a few minutes of registering — a confirmation of payment, and, an email with driving directions.)  But sometimes, due to email issues, students may not receive them. (They may end up in spam folders or not be anywhere they can be found.)

If you don’t see the confirmation emails, please check your spam folder first.  If they’re not there, please email us as soon as possible and we’ll resend them right away.  Please remember to tell us which class you’re asking about. Our email address is: Rekindleschool@gmail.com

You can also try calling us at 425-286-2937, but email is usually a quicker way to reach us. Our office phone is a landline so please don’t text.  Email is the best way to reach us.

Important note: If your class is in South campus center (on the University of Washington campus), your GPS probably won’t work! This is because UW buildings have their own numbering system which confuses many GPS’s. We’ve had students tell us their GPSs kept changing the driving directions when trying to find South Campus Center. So for South campus center classes please use the directions on this page instead of your GPS. Or print them out in case of a problem. The building isn’t hard to get to… it’s actually extremely easy once you know how to get there… but you do need to take exactly the right turns to find it the first time. Oh, and, if going to South Campus Center, remember that if the upper doors are locked, the mid-level doors (one floor down) will usually be open.

Our email address is: Rekindleschool@gmail.com