Class Description –

This class is for students who have completed ACTING 101, 102, and 103, and would like to continue learning and improving their foundation acting skills.

Our focus will be on more ADVANCED SCENE STUDY, with an emphasis on coming up with your own BLOCKING and stage action. Students should be familiar with the basics of sense memory, how to memorize, and script analysis. 

In each meeting, you’ll be given a short script to study before class. You’ll be asked to come with it completely learned, then to block it yourself and PERFORM it in front of the class. We’ll FILM your performance and play it back, giving students a chance to watch and get immediate feedback about the choices that they made as actors.  We’ll look at what works and doesn’t, and how changing the blocking or choices we make as actors can bring different elements of the scenes into focus.

You’ll get lots of practice acting, and lots of performance time in front of the class.

This class can be taken on its own, or as part of our Acting Fundamentals Certificate Program.  Instructor: Nils Osmar



About Nils Osmar

Nils Osmar was born in Alaska, and grew up in a wilderness area on the southern coast. He now lives in Seattle. He has made his living in the arts for over thirty years, working as a writer, visual artist, teacher, and filmmaker. He currently teaches through the University of Washington's ASUW Experimental College. He is the Director of an independent educational program,, which offers courses in visual, written and performing arts in Seattle, Washington.