FILMMAKING 101 ⟾ meets Saturday June 17

Want to learn the basics of independent filmmaking, so you can go out and start making your own movies with confidence? Want to learn the basics of lighting, and how to record high quality audio, so your film will seem more professional? 

This Seattle filmmaking class will teach you the essentials, at a tuition you can afford.  You’ll learn about cameras and camcorders, DSLRs, lights, audio, shot lists, storyboards, lighting setups, and more. Many people take this class along with Let’s Make a  Movie

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Class #17506: Filmmaking 101
"Crash Course in Filmmaking"
Tuition: $150 + $10 registration fee
Please note corrected date:
Saturday June 16, 10am-5pm
Seattle: University of Washington
Maximum enrollment: 12. Spaces left:10