You can take the classes in the Acting Fundamentals Series just for fun, or if you take all six you’ll earn an Acting Fundamentals Certificate. 

In this enjoyable four-week class, you’ll learn how to create characters, memorize dialogue, and perform scenes in front of the class. If you’re new to acting, start with this class. Learn more

For students who have completed Acting 101 and would like to keep learning. Learn about character, motivation, backstory, and the basics of script analysis — and have fun performing more scenes in front of the class. Learn more

You’ll learn how to create a range of interesting characters; how to find each one’s unique way of moving and speaking; plus physical acting, do more improv and scene work, and more. Learn more

In this class, we’ll do group and individual exercises, improv exercises, and scene work giving students an opportunity to explore a range of emotions, expand their emotional range and more. Learn more

In this class, we’ll focus on developing our foundational CAMERA ACTING SKILLS. Whether you’re interested in acting on television; acting in commercials; acting in movies; or acting in independent films – this class can help you get more comfortable in front of a camera while improving your foundation acting skills. Learn more

Want to star in a movie, while learning how films are made? Here’s your chance!  In this class, we’ll create and film a short movie, working together as a group.  Learn more