You can bring your own drawing and cartooning materials, or you can buy an inexpensive materials kit in class. The kit contains everything you need to draw fully professional cartoons.

You do not have to drive out to an art supply store to buy it. And there is no shipping charge. The instructor will deliver the kits to the first class.

Price of kit: $37.50 (includes tax)

The current version of our CARTOONING CLASS kit includes:

▪ A pad of pro quality 9 x 12 bristol board (smooth/plate finish) (bristol board has a smooth, hard surface for drawing in both pencil and ink)
▪ Several sheets of 9 x 12 tracing paper (for developing and refining characters, and practicing inking)
▪ An eraser (designed to remove pencil lines from finished cartoons, without disturbing the ink)
▪ A flexible "round" watercolor brush for inking
▪ A brush-tipped pen
▪ A felt-tip pen (fine line marker)
▪ A palette (for ink)
▪ a bottle of waterproof black India ink
▪ A ruler
▪ A pencil
▪ A pencil sharpener