The Artist’s Way Jumpstart Course: Re-vitalizing Your Dreams

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Class #164662
The Artist's Way
Mondays, 7-9pm
Phinney Neighborhood Center
Max. enrollment: 12. Open spaces: 12

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron, has had a profound effect on many artists, writers and other people interested in rekindling their creativity. Our Seattle Artist’s Way class is a careful and focused introduction to Ms. Cameron’s concepts.  Instructor: Christine Soja

Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a vast source. As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our most powerful inner resource.  In this course you will explore and adopt simple practices that invite gentle but powerful changes towards your goal.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, an inspiring guide to accessing our creativity, offers new paths to greater creativity. In this Seattle Artist’s Way class, you will focus your energies inward and respond to your own desires to find your voice and unique expressions. You will revitalize fading desires with new insights that tap into your deepest creative spirit.

Emotions and thoughts are not our essential being. Learn to read them as road maps back home and to guard against the tides of negativity in these dark times.

Each class focuses on one powerful point: 

  • Class 1. Relearning safety, identity and power to allow your personal power to emerge as the natural order of life. Life is energy, pure and creative.
  • Class 2. Integrity, positivity and abundance are the underlying, in-dwelling force infusing all of life that we can easily tap into.
  • Class 3. Connection, strength and compassion are conduits to the natural creative energy that is all around us.
  • Class 4. Self-protection, autonomy and trust allows us to continue the process of renewal and revitalizing.