DRAWING IN DEPTH (How to Draw in One, Two and Three Point Perspective)

  • Perspective can help your drawings look REAL and THREE-DIMENSIONAL.
  • In this class, you’ll learn how to use both formal and informal PERSPECTIVE techniques, to add a sense of DEPTH AND REALISM to your drawings and paintings
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Drawing in Perspective
Tuition: $75 + $10 registration fee
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Saturdays, 9am-11:30am
January 6 and January 13
University of Washington campus


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In this fun and focused, step by step workshop, you’ll learn the basics of drawing in one, two and three point perspective, including:

  • How to add a sense of depth and realism to your drawings, doodles, sketches and paintings
  • How to use vanishing points and horizon lines (formal perspective) to create beautiful imaginative and realistic drawings 
  • Easy ways to make some objects in your drawings look close to the viewer, and make others look further away – and make everything look more real and three-dimensional
  • Instructor: Nils Osmar
  • If you’re brand new to drawing, please take “Drawing for Absolute Beginners” first
  • Questions? Scroll down this page to read the class description.

Below: Building in one point perspective. Acrylics. Copyright Nils Osmar 2018


Below: Mailbox in two point perspective. Copyright Nils Osmar 2016, 2018.