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April 24, May 1, and May 8
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Looking for a fun introductory ONLINE CARTOONING CLASS in Seattle? Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • How to draw cartoon faces and figures
  • How to create your own characters – and show them in action
  • How to draw facial expressions
  • How to draw animal characters
  • How to draw cartoon hands and feet
  • How to draw backgrounds, such as living rooms and outdoor scenes, and put your characters in them
  • How to finish your cartoons in ink and give your artwork a professional polish
  • How to draw newspaper comic strips (such as Doonesbury, The Far Side, Cathy or Garfield)
  • How to draw one panel “gag” cartoons
  • How to draw comic books
  • How to get your cartoons published
  • How to make money doing cartooning
  • And more.  

Whether you’re interested in learning how to draw gag cartoons, greeting cards, comic books or newspaper strips, or just do whimsical cartoon illustrations for fun, this class will get you off to a good start. Nils Osmar, instructor.


  • Paper (any smooth surface paper) Ordinary laser printer paper or copier paper is fine. If you want a fine quality paper that’s more durable, this is great.
  • Pencil (an ordinary #2 office pencil or HB drawing pencil)
  • Eraser (for erasing pencil lines)
  • 12” ruler
  • I also recommend buying a set of brush pens like these…… or these. (Choose one set or the other, you don’t need both)


  • Nils Osmar has made his living in the arts since the 1980s, working as a cartoonist, illustrator, comic book artist, storyboard artist, screenwriter and filmmaker.
  • He has taught both accredited and non-accredited classes in Seattle for over twenty years, through the University of Washington’s ASUW Experimental College, the Seattle Experimental College, Antioch University’s Heritage Institute, Shoreline Community College, and several other schools.
  • He has worked as a fine and commercial artist, and done book and magazine illustration, design, book covers and interiors. His artwork has been internationally published.

Student comments

I appreciated how you covered all of the basics, and took the time to answer student questions. – Michelle G., Seattle

The class was excellent. I learned exactly what I was hoping to. I’ll be taking more of the instructor’s art classes in the future. – Chris K., Redmond

Before the class I was drawing one figure over and over again, and didn’t know how to move her around. I feel great now, I can draw all kinds of characters and expressions. – Melanie T., Seattle

Nils is thoughtful, paces the class well, and treats everyone with respect. There were twelve adults and three youngsters in the class. He took all of the students seriously, listened to all of their questions with the same respect – K.L., Bellevue

Nils is an amazing artist, and I would say, an excellent teacher. I learned exactly what I was hoping for, and have been drawing steadily since the class. I’ll be back for more. – J.W., Bellevue

The demonstration on coloring cartoons in Photoshop was great! – Keith L, Seattle

The teacher was knowledgeable and did a good job… (unsigned)

Thanks Nils! It was excellent. – Ken S.

Before the class I was drawing one figure over and over again, and didn’t know how to move her around. I feel great now, I can draw all kinds of characters and expressions. – Melanie T., Seattle

Frequently asked questions

Is this a class for beginners?
Yes. You don’t have to have any previous drawing or cartooning experience to do well in it. (People of different levels do take the class, and everyone is welcome. I’ve had professional cartoonists show up some quarters, looking for tips or help with particular issues. It’s always fun to have a mix of different levels. But most students are beginners, and the information is presented in a step by step way so that everyone can keep up.)

Is the class aimed at kids or adults?
It’s a serious drawing class, and almost all students are 18 or older. Under some circumstances, kids can attend, if accompanied by an adult. The usual age range is from college age all the way up to post-retirement, with one or two younger kids. But it’s not a “kiddie class,” it’s a serious art class.



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