Brush Calligraphy for Beginners

Seattle Calligraphy Classes: 
Brush Calligraphy for Beginners!

Calligraphy is fun! And our calligraphy classes are a great way to learn.

In this enjoyable Seattle calligraphy class, open to total beginners, the instructor will introduce you to the art of modern calligraphy through the medium of brush and ink.

You’ll learn the press and release technique common in modern calligraphy used to create the thin and thick lines typified in the beautiful art form

In the morning, students will learn the lowercase alphabet letterforms. In the afternoon, students will get a crash course in layout and design and create an original calligraphy print to take home with them

Throughout the class, you’ll receive personalized one-on-one feedback from your instructor on how to troubleshoot and improve your calligraphy letterforms.

Tuition: $99 + $10 registration fee – Sign up now using the link below!*

✰ Brush Calligraphy
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Please note: There is a $20 materials fee which include your calligraphy workbook, calligraphy alphabet, and writing materials. (The materials fee is not included in your course fee; it is payable to your instructor in class.)

“I found Sarah’s brush calligraphy class on a social site, and I’m so glad I did! My friend and I attended our first class in Capitol Hill and fell in love immediately. Sarah is very encouraging, and always has a great time with us! I would highly recommend attending one of Sarah’s classes — they are a blast!” – Savanah D. 

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In this enjoyable class,  we’ll explore the lowercase alphabet, then learn about layout and design. The instructor will help you hone and craft refined modern letter forms so you can learn to create lovely calligraphy art.

We’ll also discuss recommended pens, paper, ink, and materials for creating modern calligraphy and where to find them in the local marketplace

Q: What if I’ve never tried calligraphy before?

more students learning calligraphyA: No previous art experience is required before attending this Seattle calligraphy class! You don’t have to have beautiful penmanship to begin. Your handwriting will improve by studying calligraphy. While students come from varied levels of background within any given class, we make sure to provide instruction for you at the level you’re at.

Q: How is brush calligraphy different than pointed pen calligraphy?

A: While brush and pointed pen calligraphy both share the same press and release technique, the brush medium has more fluidity and flexibility than the pointed pen and allows for freedom of expression in a more contemporary style. If you are accustomed to writing large, you’ll feel right at home with brush calligraphy!

Q: I have a great book on calligraphy.  What benefit will I have to coming to class?

A: There is so much value that comes from self-education (I’m a big believer in teaching yourself!) though practice not only makes perfect,calligraphy class 1practice makes permanent. Coming to class will allow you to get feedback from a professional in a safe, encouraging environment so that you can course correct any limiting habits that you may have developed.

Additionally, creativity flourishes in a collaborative environment like the one we foster in class.

About the Instructor: …….. is a professional calligrapher with a background in Visual Design and education. She offers custom calligraphy services for weddings and small business clients.

Sarah took her first calligraphy class in the 6th grade and fell in love with the art form at an early age. She rediscovered the art form as an adult and has studied under renown calligrapher Molly Jacques.

Sarah teaches her students established lettering techniques in an engaging, safe, and interactive environment. Sarah is known for her warm, demonstrative teaching style and she receives rave reviews from her students.

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