Colored Pencil Drawing Workshop!

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Sunday 12/9 10:30-4 pm
Tuition: $100 + $10 registration fee
Seattle: Artist and Craftsman Store
(University District in Seattle)

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Looking for a colored pencil class in Seattle that’s easy, step-by-step, and designed for total beginners?  A class where you can learn how to draw in color using high quality pencils, in beautiful, vibrant hues?  Our Colored Pencil class for beginners is a good place to start.

Colored pencils are the cleanest, most portable medium you can find.  There’s no paint to spill, no dust, no smudging or smearing, and no drying time. Unlike paints, there’s no need for water or other solvents.

You can carry colored pencils with you, take them anywhere, and if you see something you’d like to draw, pop them out and sketch or “paint” a lovely color image of it wherever you are.

In this class, you’ll spend the day drawing in color, working from step by step materials created by the instructor, so you can work at your own pace, consulting with the instructor whenever you need help. Most students find it a fun, relaxing way to learn this interesting medium.

About the materials:

An inexpensive materials kit for this class will be available for purchase in the first class.  (You can buy the kit right in the store where the class is held, and also experiment with other materials if you like.) The kit has been created for this class, costs under $30 and has high quality materials.

You’ll will also receive a set of printed color handouts (at no charge) with tips to help you remember how to use colored pencils after the class ends.

In this Colored Pencil Drawing class:

  • We’ll start by learning to create clean lines and edges, then move on to laying in fields of color.
  • You’ll learn how to create a variety of complex colors starting from just a few pencils, using blending and layering effects.
  • You’ll learn how to draw simple forms and still lifes.
  • You’l learn how to use color to create gentle or dramatic effects.
  • We’ll then move on to more complex images, such as trees, mountains and simple landscapes in colored pencil.
  • Plus, you’ll learn several ways to blend the colors beautifully after laying them down on the paper, using either a blending pencil or the combination of Q-tips and mineral (baby) oil.

These are not your kids’ colored pencils, or the ones you used in grade school.  They glide on to the paper to layer and blend in drawing and painting styles, and can be used for interesting effects on a variety of drawing surfaces.  Anyone can learn to use them, with a little guidance and instruction.

Colored Pencil Drawing is a class for beginners.  Everyone is welcome.

Below: Colored pencil over watercolor