1. We’ll be doing several things in our third class meeting, including beginning work on a script excerpt called Scene from Family – Chris and Annie. Memorize at least one role.
  2. The password to view it is REKINDLE in all caps.
  3. This is a longer/more complex excerpt that the ones we’ve worked on before, so I’d recommend setting aside more time than usual for memorizing it. We’ll be workshopping it in more depth than previous excerpts, treating it like a real stage or movie scene, adding in physical stage action and blocking and using props. (You won’t need the props for this coming week’s class, but you will need to have memorized it)

Memorization reminders

  1. I’d recommend printing it out; breaking it down into small sections; then memorizing each section.
  2. To memorize a section, first read it aloud while jotting down the first letter of each word. Include punctuation like periods and question marks. Then try “reading” it from the first letter cues. I also recommend making a recording of the script and listening to it repeatedly.
  3. Some people find it helpful to record the script and and listen to it repeatedly to help lock it in.